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If all the sleeping folk would wake up, If all the lukewarm folk would fire up, If all the disgruntled would sweeten up, If all the discouraged would cheer up, If all the depressed would look up, If all the estranged would make up, If all the gossipers would shut up, There might come a […]

First off, let me start by saying it’s great to have people in your life to help you stay accountable. It is an even greater blessing when you are surrounded by people who help keep you accountable in your walk with Christ. This can happen both directly and indirectly. The other day I was having […]

I have always been a dreamer, literally. In my younger years I would keep a journal. As I got older, I never really thought too much about putting the two together. It was not until late 2017 that I had started journaling my dreams and things that the Lord was revealing to me either by […]

The other night I was awaken from my sleep which at first appeared to be for no reason. As I was laying in bed I was a touch annoyed that I was forfeiting a good nights rest for no reason. Then I begin to hear a mighty wind outside of my window. I then remembered […]

I had been going back and forth for some time to sew into a ministry which in turn would feed my spirit and help build me up. It wasn’t until recently that I had set my mind and decided to give it a go. As I was navigating around the online portion of it, I […]

I was spending time with the Lord and He gave me a vision. Prior to this I was trying to understand why we, as children of the Most High, tend to have areas in our lives that we just can’t seem to shake or any others words bring into order. In other words, having areas […]

Originally posted on Blogger 6 January 2019 @ Today while getting ready for church this is what I received from the Lord.  “Stop doing things that I have not ask you to do. Stop doing more than what I have ask you to do. I am raising up a church where people are free to […]