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Transforming. It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.—C.S. […]

I was chatting with the Lord the other morning. Asking more questions then anything. I needed some perspective on a few things that were happening in my life and in the life of others. I took the time to listen….the Lord simply stated “if you can discipline yourself to accomplish things that benefit you, use […]

Not too long ago the Lord gave me a beautiful song to write called When the Lion Roars. He later reminded me of this time we spent jotting down the lyrics and gave me what I call a 360 moment. He shared with me how to identify the source. 1 Peter 5:8 states, “Be sober, […]

Reflection time! “Then Saul, still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord, went to the high priest and asked letters from him to the synagogues of Damascus, so that if he found any who were of the Way, whether men or women, he might bring them bound to Jerusalem. As he journeyed, […]

This morning I had woke up to pray as usual. 0330 sometimes earlier, depends on the nudging. I slowly drifted off to sleep as I was praying and slipped into a dream. I was away on what seemed like a vacation. As I was touring the area one moment, the next everything had turned into […]

If all the sleeping folk would wake up, If all the lukewarm folk would fire up, If all the disgruntled would sweeten up, If all the discouraged would cheer up, If all the depressed would look up, If all the estranged would make up, If all the gossipers would shut up, There might come a […]

First off, let me start by saying it’s great to have people in your life to help you stay accountable. It is an even greater blessing when you are surrounded by people who help keep you accountable in your walk with Christ. This can happen both directly and indirectly. The other day I was having […]